Weather and Climate Prediction

Copy the script /home/disk/p/scripts/correl.m somewhere you like and run it once. It is using climate model output for 100 years of a 1,000 year long uniform climate or "control" integration of the CCSM3. This is similar to the 20th century, but without any secular trends.

The script correlates the (1D) global mean, annual mean temperature with the (3D) annual mean temperature field.  Hence at every grid point, you see the correlation of that point with the global mean. Notice the pattern is rather complicated.

Now open the script and edit it in matlab. Uncomment line number 22 (and comment out the previous line). Rerun. The figure title will not be correct this time because you have just produced a one-point correlation map. This means every point on the globe is correlated with the same point. Can you tell where that point is? This figure is relevant to the winter temperature pattern this year!

In case you are wondering, I selected this point by doing this:
and took the last index of these arrays as the point.

Now look at the script again and do some serious editing. I'd like you to try to correlate the northern hemisphere sea ice total fractional coverage with the temperature at each grid point. Go to the bottom of the script and it will give you a little help.

We will discuss this in class on Monday!
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