Weather and Climate Prediction Exercise 4
Due: Friday, Feb 4

In this exercise you will learn about water vapor in the atmosphere.


I Build and run CAM (~5 min, plus ~25 wait time)

II. Meanwhile analyze CAM output in MATLAB

I. Build and run cam

  Go to your camruns directory and make a subdirectory for this exercise called wetrun2deg. Copy the build script over and run it as usual. When it is done, send the job to the queue

cd /home/disk/p/atms380/$LOGNAME/camruns
mkdir wetrun2deg

cp /home/disk/p/atms380/scripts/bld-wetcam4.csh

  Wait quite a few minutes. When done submit the job. You can start part II while you wait. Just open another window and keep an eye when the build script completes.

qsub run-cam4.csh
Verify your job is in the queue with either
qstat -u "*"
the latter lets you see all the jobs in the queue.

   If for some reason you wish to kill your job.
qdel xxxxx                     fill in the x's with the job-ID and this will cancel your job

II. Analyze CAM

Meanwhile open another matlab window so you can make good use of your time in class.
Make a supdirectory of your "work" directory for this case and call it something like mfiles. Go to that directory and copy the analysis files to your directory for this exercise. Start matlab

cd /home/disk/p/atms380/$LOGNAME/camruns/wetrun2deg
mkdir mfiles
cd mfiles  
/home/disk/p/atms380/scripts/analyze_ex4* .
matlab &

Run analyze_ex4_a in matlab. Go through all the options and think about them individually. Write about a half page essay-style observations about the character of water vapor, relative humidity and clouds in this run.

Be sure that you can substitute your history file for mine sometime after your job completes.

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