Weather and Climate Prediction
Hints and how to's

I prepared a build file for your project at

Create a subdirectory for each run you want to do in your /home/disk/p/atms380/$LOGNAME/camruns directory with names following this form: cold_X or warm_X, for cold/warm start at solar constant X. Copy the build script in each freshly made subdirectory. Edit the build script to set X and cold/warm. Run the build script in each subdirectory and finally submit the run script to the batch queue. For example:

mkdir /home/disk/p/atms380/$LOGNAME/camruns/cold_1230
cp /home/disk/p/atms380/scripts/bld-somplanet.csh .
(edit the bld-somplanet.csh script)
(When the build script stops, submit the run script to the queue)
qsub run-cam3.csh

Each run will go 30 yr and will take about "wallclock" 2 days. I'll check that they completed on Sunday night. You can assume they are fine unless you hear from me.

The diag.csh script works very well for your runs. Let me know if you want to make a custom matlab script, but I doubt you will need it.

I may add some more suggestions here later.

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