Weather and Climate Prediction
Hints and how to's

 I prepared a build file for your project at

And a series of input files with names:

Create a subdirectory for each run you want to do in your /home/disk/p/atms380/$LOGNAME/camruns directory with names that match the input files: flatAll, flatAndies, flatTP, and flatRockies. I recommend you do a run with flatAll and one other of your choice. Copy the build script in each freshly made subdirectory. Edit the build script so the "case" matches its subdirectory. Run the build script in each subdirectory and finally submit the run script to the batch queue. For example:

mkdir /home/disk/p/atms380/$LOGNAME/camruns/flatAll
cp /home/disk/p/atms380/scripts/bld-mkmts.csh .
(edit the bld-mkmts.csh script)
(When the build script stops, submit the run script to the queue)
qsub run-cam4.csh

Each run will take about 2 days to run. I'll check that they completed on Sunday night. You can assume they are fine unless you hear from me.

YOUR runs died after 4 years and 5 months. I didn't realize there is a 24 hour queue max and your jobs hit it. Bummer. But no big deal. Just analyze the years you have.

Try to run the diagnostics package to produce a zillion figures. See the Hints and how to's section 3 for help.

I customized one of our past matlab scripts. After you run the diag.csh file for both of your runs, it should work. It is /home/disk/p/atms380/scripts/analyze_mvmts.m

I may add some more suggestions here later.

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