ATMS S 101: Weather

Class Description

An introductory meteorology course for nonscience majors, with an emphasis on:

* The physical mechanisms driving the atmosphere (heat transfer, pressure differences and wind, stability and clouds, radiation and fog, condensation, rain, and snow, etc.)

* The interpretation of observations, measurements (weather stations, soundings, radars), weather maps, and satellite images.

* The mechanisms behind midlatitude cyclones, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and tornadoes.

* Weather forecasting and its limitations.

Frequent discussions about the current weather, map animations, short videos, and demonstrations make this class lively and entertaining, while providing a deep understanding of the weather that affects us and the rest of the world every day.

Course Goals

(1) Understand why there is weather and how it takes place.
(2) Become literate in meteorology to follow weather discussions on TV, radio or in the newspaper.
(3) Learn how to think logically, as scientists do (critical reasoning).
(4) Get a glimpse of cutting-edge atmospheric science and understand key environmental issues related to weather.


None. Open to all undergraduates. No prior scientific or math background is required.


Varies with instructor.

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