ATM S 301: Introduction to Atmospheric Sciences (5cr)

Class Description

This course provides a broad introduction to the atmospheric sciences, including atmospheric composition, weather forecasting, radiation, thermodynamics, and climate. Insight on these topics is gained by application of basic physical laws. A daily review of current weather provides real-time examples of principles derived in lecture.

Course Goals

(1) Obtain an overview of the atmospheric sciences and related sub-disciplines
(2) Learn the physical basis for atmospheric sciences by relating to the broader physical sciences.
(3) Understand the phenomenology and structure of weather systems.


2.0 in each of MATH 124; MATH 125; MATH 126; PHYS 121; PHYS 122; and PHYS 123


"Atmospheric Science. An Introductory Survey, Second Edition," by J. M Wallace and P. V. Hobbs

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This course is offered in autumn quarter.