ATM S 321: Science of Climate

Class Description

This course describes the physical processes that maintain the surface climate of Earth.  Once the basic physical processes are introduced, the causes of global climate variability can be analyzed.  The evidence for, and the likely causes of, climate variations during Earth history will be discussed, including carbon cycling and orbital parameter variations.  These provide a background for understanding future changes in Earth’s climate, including those caused by human modification of the atmosphere.

Course Goals

(1) To gain a scientific understanding why Earth has the particular climate that it does.
(2) To understand the physical processes whereby climate has changed in the past and will change in the future.
(3) To understand how the future of Earth’s climate can be predicted using scientific methods.


2.0 in each of MATH 124; MATH 125; MATH 126; PHYS 121; PHYS 122; and PHYS 123


"Global Physical Climatology" by Dennis L. Hartmann

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This course is offered in spring quarter.