Degrees Offered


The department of Atmospheric Sciences offers the following programs of study:

Bachelor of Science (BS) degree with a major in Atmospheric Sciences

Minor in Atmospheric Sciences

Other degrees that may be of interest to Atmospheric Sciences majors:

BS in ACMS (Applied and Comp Math Sci)

Minor in AMATH


Minor in MATH

Climate Minor

Bachelor of Science (BS) with a major in Atmospheric Sciences

There are no entrance requirements. A student may declare Atmospheric Sciences as a major upon admission to the university.

However, there are courses which must be completed, either at the UW or another institution, before beginning the Atmospheric Sciences majors' curriculum.

These courses are:

  • MATH 124, 125, 126 (one year of college calculus)

  • PHYS 121,122,123 (one year of calculus-based physics), This sequence to be started after the student has taken MATH 124, usually while the student is in MATH 125.

Other required courses which are recommended before beginning the atmospheric sciences curriculum are:

  • CSE 142 (basic programming course)

  • ATM S 220 Exploring Atmopsheric Sciences (1 credit seminar course)
  • STAT 390 or Q SCI 381 (basic statistics course, may be taken while in program)

Besides these courses, there are a number of core courses and option electives that must be taken to complete the degree. Majors in Atmospheric Sciences must also complete the UW College of Environment general education coursework. 180 total credits are required to complete a BS in Atmospheric Sciences.

It is also recommended that all students interested in majoring in Atmospheric Sciences take ATM S 101 or ATM S 111 (or equivalent).

To declare Atmospheric Sciences as your major, contact the Academic Advisor.

Minor in Atmospheric Sciences

The atmospheric sciences Minor is suited for any student interested in the program who wishes to acquire more knowledge about the atmosphere and the environment.

The Atmospheric Sciences minor is open to all students who have earned 90 or more credits. The prerequisites for the minor are MATH 124, 125 and 126; PHYS 121, 122, and 123.

After completing the prerequisites, a student wishing to minor in atmospheric sciences should take ATM S 301 plus other approved courses to equal a total of not less than 25 credits. Independent study credits may be used, up to a maximum of 6, as part of the 25 required credits. Consultation with the department on the selection of courses is recommended.

To declare a minor in Atmospheric Sciences, see your departmental adviser or an adviser in the Gateway Center, 171 Mary Gates Hall.



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