Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate: Past, Present and Future

Our group studies how aerosol formation and the oxidative capacity of the atmosphere change in response to both climate change and anthropogenic activities.  Click on the links on the left to find out more!

News! (News Archive)

Autumn 2021: November 10: Ursula presents her research in the department seminar for her Ph.D. qualifying exam. October 22: Becky gives a talk for the Frontiers in Atmospheric Chemistry Seminar Series (FACSS). September 30: Becky gives a seminar in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at Colorado State University.

Summer 2021: September 20: Becky gives a talk at the NCAR ACOM seminar series. September 13-15: Shuting presents at the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) Conference. July 20: Our paper with Hannah Horowitz was one of the top 10% most downloaded papers in GRL in 2020! June 21: New graduate student Alli Moon arrives at the UW. Welcome Alli! June 20: Shuting’s paper is accepted to GRL!

Spring 2021: June 7: Shuting passes her general exam! May 26:  Ursula gives a talk at the PACES Open Science meetingMay 11: Shuting presents her work at the Hercules Dome Ice Core Workshop and Open Science Meeting. April 21: Yuk Chun’s paper is accepted to JGR!

Winter 2021: March 10: Yuk Chun officially passes his COGS exam! February 22: Becky and Rob Wood give a talk on Geoengineering at the NASA Goddard Applied Sciences Seminar Series. January 11: Yuk Chun gives his Ph.D.-qualifying exam presentation (COGS) to the department.

Autumn 2020: December 14: Shuting and Yuk Chun present their work at the virtual AGU meeting. November 16: Ursula presents her work at the “Sulfur in the Earth System” meeting. September 29: Ursula gives her “end-of-first-year” talk. September 28: Becky gives an invited seminar at the Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center at the University of Maryland.

Summer 2020: July 14:  Shuting presents her work at the virtual ICECAP (ICE core Chemistry And Proxies) workshop. June 22:Yuk Chun’s proposal to Future Investigators in NASA Earth and Space Science and Technology is recommended for funding. Congratulations Yuk Chun!

Spring 2020: May 4: Shuting officially passes her qualifying (COGS) exam. Congratulations Shuting! April 22: Happy Earth Day! Becky discusses geoengineering (virtually) with 8th graders. April 16: Becky is interviewed about air pollution, climate change, and COVID-19 on “A Light in the Dark” podcast (Also featured on April 22 podcast). March 31: Becky’s paper is published today in ACP.

Winter 2020: March 18: Becky discusses geoengineering (virtually) with 7th graders.  March 4: Becky gives an invited seminar in the Berkeley Atmospheric Sciences Center at UC Berkeley. February 10: Shuting gives a seminar in the department for her COGS exam. January 28: Hannah’s paper is accepted to GRL!  January 12-16: Hannah gives an invited talk at the AMS meeting in Boston, MA.

Autumn 2019: December 9-13: Hannah, Shuting, Yuk Chun, and Becky attend and present at the AGU meeting in San Francisco, CA.  December 7: Becky gives a keynote talk at the Cryosphere and Atmospheric Chemistry Open Science Workshop in Berkeley, CA. December 4: Becky gives an invited talk at the International Aerosol Modeling Algorithms Conference in Davis, CA. November 26: UW IsoLab is featured in the College of the Environment newsletter.  October 1-3: Becky attends the Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions workshop in Sterling, VA.  September 25-26: Becky gives a presentation at the AQUARIUS workshop in Salt Lake City, UT.

Summer 2019: September 20: Becky is announced as the new Director of the UW Program on Climate Change!  September 16: New graduate student Ursula Jongebloed arrives at the UW.  Welcome Ursula! September 11-13: Hannah and Becky attend the UW Program on Climate Change Summer Institute at Friday Harbor, WA.  August 7: Becky gives a Keynote talk at the Chemistry-Climate Model Initiative workshop in Hong Kong.  July 28 – August 2: Hannah and Becky attend and present at the Gordon Research Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry in Newry, Maine. July 26 – 28: Hannah attends the Atmospheric Chemistry Conference for Emerging Senior Scientists in NY.  July 22 – August 2: Shuting attends the Sao Paulo School of Advanced Science on Atmospheric Aerosols.  July 15: Undergraduate student Shana Edouard joins the group.  Welcome Shana! June 24: Hannah accepts a faculty position at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.  Congratulations Hannah!

Spring 2019: May 29-30: Shuting and Becky host and present at the ICECAP workshop at the UW. May 6-9: Hannah, Shuting, Yuk Chun and Becky present at the 9th International GEOS-Chem Users’ Meeting (IGC9) in Cambridge, MA.  May 3:  Hannah Horowitz and alumnus Qianjie Chen were accepted to the Atmospheric Chemistry Colloquium for Emerging Senior Scientists (ACCESS)!  April 24: Hannah presents her work at the SOLAS Conference in Japan and wins and early career presentation award.  April 17: Jingyuan’s paper is accepted to ACP, and was selected to be highlighted!

Winter 2019: Jan. 14: Hannah gives a seminar in the department on her research.

Autumn 2018: Dec. 10-14: Hannah presents her and Alicia’s work at the AGU meeting in Washington, D.C.  Dec. 3: Becky gives a seminar at the Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences Institute at Michigan Tech.  Nov. 30: The ALPACA whitepaper is released.  Nov. 1: Becky presents Jingyuan’s work at the Air Pollution Extremes Workshop at Columbia University.  Sep. 24: Shuting gives a talk on her research in the department.

Summer 2018: Sep. 21: Alicia gives a poster presentation at the Space Grant Awards REception and Poster Session at the UW.  Sep. 7: Qianjie’s paper is accepted to ACP!  August 16: Ava presents her research at the JISAO summer intern symposium.  July 23-27: Becky Alexander presents at the workshop on “New Insights into Gas-Phase Atmospheric Chemistry” in Telluride, CO. June 26-28: Becky Alexander and Shuting Zhai attend the ICECAP project science team meeting at the University of Rochester. June 18: Undergraduate research fellows Alicia Wright and Ava Krahn begin their summer research. Welcome, Alicia and Ava!


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