ATM S/ESS/OCN 586 “Current Research in Climate Change” (Autumn 2021)

ATM S 523 “Seminar on Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry” (last organized Spring 2021)

ATM S 451 “Instruments and Observations” (last taught Winter 2021)

ATM S 358: “Fundamentals of Atmospheric Chemistry” (last taught Spring 2019)

ATM S 211 “Climate and Climate Change” (last taught Autumn 2018)

ATM S 520 “Atmospheric Sciences Colloquium” (last organized Winter 2018)

ATM S 220 “Exploring the Atmospheric Sciences” (last taught Winter 2017)

ATM S 212 “Air pollution: From Urban Smog to the Ozone Hole” (last taught Autumn 2016)

ATM S 558 “Atmospheric Chemistry” (last taught Spring 2013)

ATM S 458 “Global Atmospheric Chemistry” (last taught Autumn 2010)

ATM S 340 “Thermodynamics and Cloud Processes” (last taught Winter 2009)

ATM S/OCE/ESS 554 “Paleoclimate Proxies” (last taught Fall 2007 with Julian Sachs)

ATM S/OCE/ESS 588 “The Global Carbon Cycle and Greenhouse Gases” (last taught Spring 2006 with Steve Emerson)

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