Daehyun Kim

Associate Professor, Atmospheric Sciences

Daehyun Kim
Areas of Expertise
  • Climate dynamics
  • Climate modeling
  • Cloud physics
  • Cumulus parameterization
  • ATM S 123
  • ATM S 234
  • ATM S 456
  • 2002 The 3rd place, National Undergraduate Student Science Paper Contest
  • 2010 Best Thesis Award, Seoul National University SPARC
  • 2012 American Geophysical Union James R. Holton Junior Scientist Award
  • 2013-present Member, WMO WGNE MJO Task Force (MJO TF)
  • 2009-2012 Member, WMO WCRP/WWRP–THORPEX, YoTC MJO TF
  • 2006-2009 Member, US CLIVAR MJO Working Group
Selected publications
  • Adames, Á. F., and D. Kim: The MJO as a dispersive, convectively coupled moisture wave: observations and theory. J. Atmos. Sci., Accepted.

  • Field, R., M. Luo, D. Kim, A. D. Del Genio, A. Voulgarakis, J. Worden, 2015: Sensitivity of simulated tropospheric CO to subgrid physics parameterization: a case study of Indonesian biomass burning emissions in 2006. J. Geophys. Res., 120, 11743-11759, doi:10.1002/2015JD023402.

  • Daleu, C., S. Woolnough, R. Plant, S. Sessions, M. Herman, A. Sobel, S. Wang, D. Kim, A. Cheng, G. Bellon, P. Peyrille, F. Ferry, A. Siebesma, B. van Ulft, 2015: Intercomparison of methods of coupling between convection and large-scale circulation. Part I: Comparison over uniform surface condition. J. Adv. Model. Earth Syst., 7, doi:10.1002/2015MS000468.

  • Yoo, C., S. Park, D. Kim, J. Yoon, and H.-M. Kim, 2015: Boreal winter MJO teleconnection in the Community Atmospheric Model version 5 with the Unified Convection parameterization, J. Climate, Accepted.

  • Kim, D., M.-S. Ahn, I.-S. Kang, and A. D. Del Genio, 2015: Role of longwave cloud radiation feedback in the simulation of the Madden-Julian oscillation. J. Climate, 28, 6979-6994.

  • Del Genio, A. D., J. Wu, A. B. Wolf, Y. Chen, M.-S. Yao, and D. Kim, 2015: Constraints on cumulus parameterization from simulations of observed MJO events. J. Climate, 28, 6419-6442.

  • Del Genio, A. D., Y. Chen, D. Kim, and M.-S. Yao, 2015: CORRIGENDUM. J. Climate, 28, 5471–5473.