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For all interested parties,

A PDF copy of all the resources in our collection is available below. As a note, the catalog is not in any specific format (i.e. MLA, APA, Chicago) - so exercise due diligence when citing anything.

The resources are sorted into approximate categories. As there is much overlap between topics, and books will often cover multiple areas. If you don't find the resource in the category you think it should be in, just look in another category. If you plan on removing a book/journal from the library, there is a sign-out sheet on the side wall. Please list the information there, so someone does not go on a frantic search for a resource which is not currently located in the library.

I hope this effort helps make this a more usable resource for all!

Stephanie Rushly

Attachment: PDF of all the resources (Rev. 08/07/18)

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