Department Entertainment Expenses

Itemized Receipts from Restaurants

Itemized receipts must be submitted for meals if you wish to be reimbursed or use a department budget to pay for it with your ProCard. This is an audit requirement of the state of Washington. If a restaurant does not automatically provide you one, you should request it. If the restaurant does not have the ability to produce an itemized receipt, you must complete a perjury statement that includes the amounts for food vs alcohol or a statement that no alcohol was included in the cost before you may be reimbursed or clear the charge on your ProCard. A perjury statement form can be downloaded at

If you have any questions, contact the department's administrator.

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Department Support for Visiting Speakers (1/21/15)

Seattle dinner per diem is $36 per person and our reimbursement rate is ~40% higher at $50 per person for up to four people. This policy and rate will apply to the new seminar visitor program.

Note that faculty can choose to take visitors wherever they want, and spend as much as they like, but the department limit for reimbursement is $50 per person for a party up to four. Anything that exceeds that amount must be paid personally, or charged to an RCR account. Note that only food can be charged to RCR accounts, not alcohol, and that pertains to the food amount remaining after department reimbursement.

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Department Support for Dinners with Guests (11/19/14)

Under a new policy (9/24/14), the department will use discretionary funds to support taking visiting colleagues to one dinner during their visit to Seattle. We will reimburse meals for up to four people up to the Seattle per diem rate (dinner rate as of 11/19/14 is $32) for visitors supported on your grant funds (i.e., you paid for their travel and accommodations).

Reporting requirements are the same as for other meals (receipts and list of attendees).

If over the per diem rate, you can fill out a food form BEFORE THE EVENT and supplement the department support from your ICR if the dinner will involve conducting University business. Food form (UoW 1798)

If the visitor is here but not supported by any faculty member, and presenting at one of our for-credit courses, then the following applies:

1/8/14: Event is subject to chair's approval and limited to $50 per person for up to 4 people for all expenses associated with the dinner, including parking and transportation, etc.

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Proposed Hosting Policy (2/15/13)

1. Atmos Sci Hosted

Visitors (other than faculty recruits) may be hosted for a single evening event (dinner, dessert, drinks). The department will reimburse for up to 6 attendees a total cost of up to $66 per attendee per evening. However, alcohol reimbursement is limited to 40% of the total bill.

Faculty recruiting visits should follow these guidelines with exceptions requiring prior authorization by the Chair.

    • Speaker and 3 faculty attend a dinner
    • The food portion of the bill (including tax and tip) is reimbursable up to $66 x 4 = $264.
    • If alcohol is consumed is included in the reimbursement request, it is reimbursable up to $264 x 40% = $105.60 (including tax and tip) and the reimbursable food portion is reduced by the same amount.
    • If alcohol is consumed but the cost (including tax and tip) is not included in the reimbursement request, then the entire $66 per person ($264) is available to reimburse the food portion of the bill.

Parking or other ground transportation is reimbursed separately. However, valet parking, if it involves an additional fee is not reimbursable without prior approval or where self-parking is not an option.

2. Co-hosted with another department

Dinners with the costs shared among multiple units typically involve a prior discussion to establish who will pay for what. In these cases, because we use a discretionary account to pay for hosting, it is acceptable for our portion of the cost to be used to pay for the alcohol portion. The amount allocated to alcohol should not exceed 40% of the total bill.

    • ATMS and CEE co-host a dinner for 11 attendees. The final bill is $1,046 ($600 alcohol and $446 for food). ATMS has agreed to pay 1/2 of the total cost or $523.
    • ATMS will pay up to 418.40 for alcohol (40% of the total bill) with the rest allocated to the food portion of the bill.


The maximum allowable amount will be reviewed each September.

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