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Grants Team

The Grants Team consists of the Grants & Contracts Manager (Elin Martin), the Budget Analyst Lead (Paula Kurose), and the Budget/Fiscal Analyst (Mark Bentz), all of whom are available via the shared department email account

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Information about planned or tentative proposals is requested 5-6 weeks in advance of the sponsor (or target) deadline. Please send the completed Proposal Intake Form [linked] to with any additional information that will help us get started.

Additional resources:


Budget Template

Budget Justification (RR Format) Template

Budget Justification (NASA Format)

Budget Justification (NSF Format)

Proposals in Process

New requirements for the NSF Biosketch and Current & Pending Support documents effective 10/5/2020


Costing allocations for faculty, students, and staff should mirror the average distribution of performed effort, the accuracy of which PIs certify in the quarterly GCCRs and bi-annual Faculty Effort Certifications. Please help staff minimize the amount of time needed for follow-ups by either providing signed documents/electronic approvals quickly or scheduling time to raise any questions with them.

Due to the labor-intensive nature of Workday entries and the management of salary distributions, as well as to more accurately reflect performed effort, these should be projected over periods of time rather than authorized pay period to pay period. Applying costing allocations 1-2 pay periods at a time is extremely inefficient and is strongly discouraged.

Please contact your PI Cohort Lead for any assistance developing or managing long-term projections.

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