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rofessors Lynn McMurdie & Bob Houze and graduate student Joe Zagrodnik are in the news<80><94>UW research finds rainfall over Olympic Mountains more complex than originally believed (By Scott Sistek,KOMO News) 

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Graduate student Michael Diamond writes about the ORACLES field research campaign:

In August, dozens of scientists from across the United States descended on the small island nation of São Tomé and Príncipe. Nestled on the equator off the coast of western central Africa, São Tomé was an ideal location to study the phenomenon we had all gathered to observe: a seasonal plume of smoke from agricultural and forest fires that gets lofted by the prevailing winds from the African continent to over the southeast Atlantic Ocean. As part of the NASA field campaign Observations of Aerosols above Clouds and their Interactions, or ORACLES, our aim was to better understand how all that smoke over the ocean affects the amount of sunlight that gets absorbed in the atmosphere and at Earth’s surface.

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Postdoctoral Visiting Scientist Malte Stuecker, and Professors Cecilia Bitz and Kyle Armour are in the news:

While winter sea ice in the Arctic is declining so dramatically that ships can now navigate those waters without any icebreaker escort, the scene in the Southern Hemisphere is very different. Sea ice area around Antarctica has actually increased slightly in winter — that is, until last year.

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