Grads and Undergrads: UWRA Scholarship & Fellowship applications now available

UW students are invited to apply for the 2019 cycle of UWRA Scholarships and Fellowships in Aging. Applications for both scholarships and fellowships are due January 30, 2019.

These awards are available to students in any field who are pursuing research or preparing for careers related to aging. More information can be found here:

-Applications for the UWRA Scholarship in Aging must be submitted by January 30. The application form can be both found and submitted here: The scholarship is open to undergraduate, graduate and professional students at any UW campus. Awards are applied to spring quarter 2019 student accounts.

-Applications for the UWRA Fellowship in Aging must be submitted by January 30.  Find requirements here: The fellowship is open only to students in the Graduate School. Recipients select a quarter in the 2019-2020 academic year in which to receive the award.UWRA Scholarship poster 18-19.jpg