Grads & Undergrads: Invitation to participate in One World All Voices- UW Earth Day celebrations

This year UW’s 2020 Earth Day celebration has a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. A student coalition including students affiliated with the Ethnic Cultural Center, Sustainability Credit Coalition, Campus Sustainability Fund, School of Social Work, and Program on the Environment created a grassroots digital campaign to connect and learn from each other. This is a campaign that will be active in April and May 2020, but we hope we can sustain it even longer.

On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, as we confront an unprecedented global crisis that has highlighted the impact of systemic inequities that limit who has access to fresh air, green space, and clean water, we want to also engage to celebrate the fact that diversity is the source of resilience. Equity and inclusion, therefore, are key for a healthy planet and a healthy future for all.

Use #OnePlanetAllVoices and share your thoughts, photos, videos, art, poems or any resource to share what the environment means to you and your community via social media (You can also follow: You can also send your contributions directly to or visit

To participate in UW Earth Day Digital visit You will find a list of events and other projects to encourage participation from an intersectional perspective.