Undergrads: CoE Course – ECFS 495 in SPR 2020

ECFS 495-Parent Power: Organizing and Empowering Parents with Young Children 

3 credits/ Monday’s  4:30-6:50pm Miller 411 

The course is taught by Joel Ryan, Executive Director of the Washington State Association of Head Start and ECEAP and a long-time early childhood advocate and lobbyist in Olympia. In this class students will hear from policy experts, state lawmakers, federal officials, and child advocates. But most importantly we will hear from parent leaders on how decisions being made impact them and their children and how we can empower and organize parents of young children to ensure their voices are heard.

This class will deal with the intersection of race, poverty, gender, and sex and how it impacts policy making and power. We will have a lot of discussion, great speakers, and a field trip to the Women’s Correctional Institution to speak directly with incarcerated moms with children.  This class is a great class for pre-law majors, social and human services, and those considering careers in public policy, politics, education, and early childhood education. Student grades will be based primarily on an end of the quarter project where they will design a specific project to support children and families. Past projects include a web site for young parents, a mural still hanging at a prison, an art project, an evaluation design for a non-profit, and a middle information fair among many others. If you have any questions about this class please feel free to email Joel at Joel@wsaheadstarteceap.com or call him directly at (253) 486-9077.