Undergrads: Dream Project for Winter Quarter

Hello! Are you a UW student interested in learning about educational equity as well as mentoring high school students from South King County? Are you passionate about college access and educational equity?

Build meaningful relationships, gain experience, and receive UW credit by joining the Dream Project!

The Dream Project is a UW service learning course and mentoring program where UW undergrads (YOU) mentor at one of our partner sites:

Cleveland High School Kent-Meridian High School Renton High School
Evergreen High School Mercy Housing Summit Sierra High School
Federal Way High School Rainier Beach High School Tyee High School

This program consists of two components: Monday trainings and High School Visits throughout the week. 

Mentors enroll in EDUC 260.

This is a 70 minute lecture worth 1 I&S credit. All courses are graded as credit/no-credit. Extra credits are offered; email uwdreamproject@uw.edu with any questions. There are multiple sections of this course to accommodate for varying schedules, which take place Mondays 11:30am-12:40pm or 3:10pm-4:20pm. This course focuses on mentoring strategies and discusses different educational issues and policies with a social justice lens. Mentors are trained on and work with students to explore and plan for post-secondary life including college applications, applying for financial aid, applying for jobs, writing personal statements, finding scholarships, and building a resume. Past lecture topics include:

Holistic Mentorship and Socialization Racism and How it Impacts our Partner Schools
Adultism Financial Aid
Service and Savior Mentality School-to-Prison-Pipeline


Mentors go on a high school visit once a week.

The visit times available for each high school are listed in the time schedule under EDUC 369. Transportation is provided and travel time is included in the visit time. The visit is an additional 1 credit (can count towards general electives/ Education minor/ Diversity minor) and includes a 30-minute breakout Mondays 4:30-5:00.


By joining the Dream Project, mentors gain:


In lecture, breakout and visits, mentors are given the opportunity to get to know each other and engage in topics that allow them to reflect on their experiences as a group.

Relationship building skills

Mentors are taught to reflect on their positionality and how it relates to their role as mentors and how it influences the relationships they build with their mentees.

Active listening and communication skills

Mentors participate in discussion activities that allow them to practice their active listening and communication skills with each other before interacting with their mentees.

Public speaking skills

Lecture and breakout are both dialogue-heavy and provide opportunities for mentors to share their thoughts to the whole group. Depending on the school visits, mentors could have the opportunity to lead classrooms and teach content to their mentees.

Understanding of systems perspective

The Dream Project mission statement specifically addresses historical and institutional racism and its impact on the education system. Mentors in our course become knowledgeable on systemic barriers and its impact on their mentees.

Understanding of the education system

Mentors familiarize themselves with the educational system on a national and local level including the factors that affect their mentees educational experience K-12 and beyond.

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Contact us: dreamproject@uw.edu | (206) 616-5791

Center for Experiential Learning and Diversity (Mary Gates Hall 171)