Undergrads: LGBTQ Communities, Public Health, and Migration in Mexico – Application due February 15th

LGBTQ Communities, Public Health, and Migration in Mexico

Early Fall Start 2020: August 24, 2020 to September 13, 2020

*Applications due February 15!*

Our time in Mexico City and surrounding areas will introduce students to local LGBTQ activists, organizations, and change-makers. We will learn from our community partners about how a country’s history shapes its LGBTQ communities. Questions we will engage include: What can we learn from the challenges and successes of LGBTQ communities in Mexico’s capital as they work to mobilize and create change throughout the country? How does the contemporary landscape of migration affect identity issues in Mexico? How do LGBTQ rights intersect with other areas of human rights in the country such as environmental justice, women’s rights, access to education, etc.? How does Mexican urban politics relate to rural realities and lives? Coursework will consist of group projects, classroom lecture and discussion, field excursions, site visits, individual analysis, and creative writing assignments.

Curious about what it means to participate in one of the only LGBTQ focused study abroad programs at UW? Check out the Queer Study Abroad Resource (QSAR), created by alumni of this program: https://issuu.com/mexicocitylgbtqstudyabroad/docs/mexicocityqueerstudyabroadresource

Read about the Summer 2017 program in Perspectives magazine.

Early Fall Start programs allow for flexibility in Autumn quarter, where students may be considered full time students at 10 credits when taking Early Fall Start. On the other hand, students may take a full load in Autumn without incurring addition tuition fees.


  • CHID 472:  LGBTQ Communities, Public Health, and Migration in Mexico (5 credits I&S)

Fulfills Requirements: 

CHID Cultural and Historical Engagement

CHID Power & Difference

I&S Credit

Total Program Fees: 


Please note that program fees include all meals during the program.

Financial Aid Opportunities: 

The Study Abroad Office offers a number of resources around funding your study abroad experience. Be sure to contact Kiana Parker (goglobal@uw.edu) or explore the Study Abroad Office website for details about funding opportunities you are eligible for. If you are eligible for Pell Grants, you should apply for the Gilman Scholarship as well. The deadline is March 3rd, and there is an info session coming up on February 14, 1:30-2:30 (MGH 171).

If you have any questions or concerns about your application, financial aid, scholarships, etc., please don’t hesitate to reach out to our CHID Director of Study Abroad at intprogs@uw.edu. Program director Dr. Anu Taranath (anu@uw.edu) and staff Sasha Duttchoudhury (chidout@uw.edu) are also happy to answer specific questions about the program.