Undergrads: NEW CLASS! FISH 497 Special Topics: Marine Top Predators – Spring Quarter 2020

New course in Spring Quarter 2020!

FISH 497B Special Topics – Ecology & Conservation of Marine Top Predators

Take a deep dive into the ecology of marine top predators and the ocean ecosystems they rely on.

SLN 14504
5 credits

TTH 900-1020; T 130-250 (NOTE: TS has not been updated to reflect this meeting time)

Pre-reqs: Biology (e.g. BIOL 220, FISH 250, FISH 311 or equivalent), Ecology (e.g. FISH 270, FISH 312, ESRM 350, BIOL 356 or equivalent) and Statistics (e.g. QSCI 381 or equivalent)

Instructor: Dr. Camrin Braun

Add code required, dependent on satisfaction of pre-reqs (and space in course. To request an add code: https://tinyurl.com/safsaddcode

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