Undergrads: SMEA/ENVIR/JSIS 103 Spring 2020

Society and the Oceans SMEA/ENVIR/JSISB 103

Counts toward both I&S and NW credit requirements

5 Credits, Spring 2020

Professor Patrick Christie

Meets MWF 12:30-1:50 PM. Mary Gates Hall 231.

Class focus: Today the oceans have become the ultimate proving ground of whether humans are capable of achieving a sustainable relationship with a planet showing increasing signs of stress. Dealing with these complex human-environment interactions requires study rooted in both the social and natural sciences and responses that employ difficult-to-develop institutional arrangements. Students will learn how human values, institutions, culture, and history shape environmental issues and policy responses. The course consists of four units: an introduction to how human values and interests shape our interactions, through time, with the marine environment; an examination of the concept of “tragedy of the commons”; a review of Washington State salmon and Southeast Asia coral reef marine environmental issues and current policy responses; and charting a path for marine policy. Lectures, discussion, and short writing exercises will be used in class.