Undergrads: Student designers, makers, creative strategists: Fashion Scholarship Fund now open

Calling all designers, makers, and branding gurus! Use your creativity and strategy to apply for a $5,000-$30,000 scholarship from the Fashion Scholarship Fund.  Each year over 200 students are selected for awards and invited to attend an awards banquet and exclusive internship fair in New York City. As a student at a member school, you can apply!

What’s the application like?

It’s fun! To apply, you’ll come up with a design or branding solution to the problem presented in this case-study. You’ll use a slide-deck to present your creative solutions. For this, you’ll want to take creative risk but also consider feasibility.

When is it due?

Your slide deck is due October 7th.

Who is eligible?

–        Open to undergraduate sophomores, juniors and seniors at member schools (University of Washington is a member institution).

–        Must be full time, matriculated student in autumn quarter 2019.

–        Must have at least a 3.2 GPA.

What are the steps to apply?

  1. Take a look at this year’s case problem & decide if you’ll focus on design, marketing, analytics or supply chain.
  2. Begin working on your slide deck.
  3. Open a Slideroom account between September 1-September 30. Go to https://ymafsf.slideroom.com to open an account.
  4. Upload your resume and let the UW scholarship advisor know you are planning to apply. Upload your resume here: https://forms.gle/AB5WJ1BhMSuacL7RA
  5. Complete your case and upload by the deadline: October 7th at 8:59 PM Pacific Time.