Undergrads: Summer course – ENVIR 495 D Writing Life & Research

ENVIR 495 D: Writing Life & Research
SLN:  11495
Summer 2019 – Full Term
5 Credits
W Credit
MW 1:10-3:30pm
Contact:  egmorel@uw.edu
All students welcome!

From the instructor:
Writing about ourselves is hard—for many of us, writing something like a cover letter is excruciating. This class will explore cases of writing about people and research using books and outside materials by Wangari Maathai, John Vaillant, and David George Haskell, among others. Subjects we will discuss include storytelling techniques, methods for talking about books alongside additional author materials, and synthesizing personal experiences to arrive at a sense of self. Assignments will include drafting resumes and cover letters, writing biographical profiles, and planning a personal website. The course will also involve at least one field-trip to a UW-affiliated field location, where students will engage site partners to draft communication materials that might serve as professional writing samples. Students should leave the course empowered with a strategic approach for connecting the value of their work to others.