Undergrads: Winter Course Info (VLPA & I&S): EDUC 421 (Studio, community-based education)

Course title: EDUC 421: STUDIO(Practicum in Community Service Activity) (SLN 21969, 13973).

STUDIO is an exciting opportunity to get involved in high point community (in West Seattle) by working with middle and high school youth in after-school program. It counts as VLPA or I&S credits as well. Our vision is to increase diversity and work toward educational equity in STEM by creating a community of learners where everyone’s knowledge and skills are valued and used in how we learn, and solve problems that matter to us.

If you join us, you will adapt a role of mentor to middle or high school students. Past undergrads have said that it was one of the best experiences that they had in UW, because they felt a sense of belongingness learning together with youths and other undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds. I attached our most recent video featuring youth, community-based organization staff, and undergrads. Undergraduates do not have to be STEM major to participate in STUDIO. Please see Registration information on the flyer attached.

Please check out our video that we submitted to NSF STEM Video Showcase! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdLtXv9iEYo

Website: https://www.studionhwa.org/