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The Pre-Health Career Coaches from the UW Career and Internship Center (Dan Poux, Dawn Cheung, and Eli Heller) will be offering a course intended for pre-med and pre-health students to critically reflect on their clinical experiences, in preparation for assembling their applications to professional preparation programs in Healthcare (MD, DDS, DPT, PA, OT, etc.). 

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Society and the Oceans SMEA/ENVIR/JSISB 103
Counts toward both I&S and NW credit requirements
5 Credits, Spring 2020
Professor Patrick Christie
Meets MWF 12:30-1:50 PM. Mary Gates Hall 231.
Class focus: Today the oceans have become the ultimate proving ground of whether humans are capable of achieving a sustainable relationship with a planet showing increasing signs of stress. 

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FISH 497A Special Topics: Ecological Research in Alaska
B Term, July 15 – August 15 (tentative dates; will overlap with A Term but students with interest should attend info session and ask about start date flex)
5 credits

Live and work in an active field research station
Conduct hands-on research in pristine, thriving, coastal Alaska watersheds
Work with renowned faculty Ray Hilborn, Tom Quinn, and Daniel Schindler

INFO SESSION: Tuesday February 4, 4:30pm in FSH 213

SUM2020 AK Salmon Program Application 

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The Washington Directed Reading Program (WDRP) is a new initiative from the Mathematics Department, which launched in Fall 2018. WDRP is modeled after successful Directed Reading Programs (DRPs) at other universities around the country. 

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The Center for Quantitative Science is offering the following class during winter quarter.
QSCI 497: Modelling Complex Systems
Instructor: Andrew Berdahl, Assistant Professor, SAFS
Nature is full of complex systems in which rich behaviors and patterns
emerge from interactions between many, relatively simple constituents. 

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