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John M. Wallace, Selected Lecture Notes

Toronto Lectures - The Atmospheric General Circulation




Low Frequency Variability

High Latitudes

"General Circulation of the Atmosphere", ATMS545, Spring 2010


Study guide: part one, part two, part three
Some suggested term paper topics

Appendix I: Zonal and Time Averaging

Appendix II: Angular Momentum Balance Formalism

Appendix III: Energy Balance Formalism

Lorenz Kinetic Energy Cycle: Revised Text

Lorenz Kinetic Energy Cycle: Figures

Lorenz Kinetic Energy Cycle: Errata

Atmospheric Angular Momentum Budget: Revised Text

Presentation graphics

Atmospheric Angular Momentum

Total Energy Budget

Dynamics of a Zonally Symmetric Vortex

Transformed Eulerian Mean Formalism

Stationary Waves

Diagnosis of Transient Eddies

Patterns of Low-Frequency Variability


Low pass 500mb Z

High pass - Low pass 500mb Z

Idealized baroclinic wave life cycle simulations

Arctic sea ice retreat 2007

Stratospheric QBO


Arctic and Antarctic Oscillations: NCAR Summer Colloquium Lecture Notes, 2000