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John M. Wallace – Students, Postdocs and Collaborators

PhD Students
MS Students
Other student collaborators, postdocs, and visitors

PhD Students


Vernon E. Kousky, "A Diagnostic Study of Large Scale Wave Disturbances in the Lower Equatorial Stratosphere"


Robert W. Pratt, "Space-Time Spectral Analysis of Large Scale Mid-Latitude Disturbances"


Ngar Cheung “Gabriel” Lau, "The Observed Structure and Energetics of Transient and Stationary Motions in the Northern Hemisphere Wintertime Circulation"


Chih-Ping “Flossie” Hsu, "A Numerical Study of Sudden Stratospheric Warmings"

Robert W. Reeves, "Influence of Differential Horizontal Transports on the Static Stability of the Lower Tradewind Region"


Glenn H. White, "A Comparison of the Observed Extratropical Northern Hemisphere Summertime and Wintertime Circulations"


Grant W. Branstator, "Horizontal Energy Propagation and Barotropic Instability in a Quasi-Linear Model of the Atmosphere"

John D. Horel, "On the Annual and Interannual Variations of the Tropical Pacific Atmosphere and Ocean"


Steven L. Mullen, "On the Maintenance of Blocking Anticyclones in a General Circulation Model"


Huang-Hsiung Hsu, "The Structure and Evolution of Circulation Patterns in the Vicinity of Mountain Ranges"

Fong Chiau Chang, "On the Seasonality of Climate Fluctuations over the Contiguous United States"


Clara Deser, "Meteorological Characteristics of the el Niño/Southern Oscillation Phenomenon"

Gyu-Ho Lim, "The Observed Three-Dimensional Structure Of Baroclinic Waves In the Northern Hemisphere Winter As Revealed In a Linear Regression Analysis"


Todd Porter Mitchell, "The Annual March of Convection, Sea Surface Temperature, and Surface Winds in the Tropics"

Hisashi Nakamura, "Observed Changes in the Activity of Baroclinic Waves and Their Feedbacks during the Life Cycles of Low-Frequency Circulation Anomalies in the Northern Hemisphere Winter"


Xinhua Cheng, "Linear and Nonlinear Aspects of the Northern Hemisphere Wintertime Variability in the 500-hPa Height Field"


James Renwick, "Predictable and Unpredictable Elements of the Northern Wintertime 500-mb Height Field"


Gregor Nitsche, "Some Aspects of Planetary-Scale Atmospheric Variability in a Low-Resolution General Circulation Model"

Yuan Zhang, "An Observational Study of Atmosphere-Ocean Interactions in the Northern Oceans on Interannual and Interdecadal Time Scales"


René D. Garreaud, "Cold Air Incursions into Low Latitudes: Global Perspective and Regional Analysis over South America"


David W. J. Thompson, "Annular Modes in the Atmospheric General Circulation"

Imke Durre, "Factors Influencing the Diurnal Temperature Range in the Contiguous United States"


Ignatius Rigor, "On the Response of Sea-Ice to the Arctic Oscillation"


Roberta Quadrelli, "Patterns of Climate Variability of the Northern Hemisphere Wintertime Circulation"


Ioana Dima, "An Observational Study of the Tropical Tropospheric Circulation"


Kevin Rennert, "Relationships Between Wintertime Modes of Atmospheric Variability on Intermediate and Long Timescales"

Justin J. Wettstein, "Storm Track Variability and Interaction with the Background Flow on Daily, Interannual and Climate Change Time Scales"


Joseph Casola, "On the Variability of the Snowpack of the Washington Cascades"


Rei Ueyama, "The Structure and Variability of the Tropical General Circulation"


Katrina Virts, “Analysis of new observational datasets relating to the organization and dynamical impacts of tropical convection”


Brian Smoliak, "Detection and Attribution of Surface Air Temperature Change in the Instrumental Record"

MS Students     ( )


Franklin R. Hartranft, "Diurnal Wind Variations in the Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere"


David Blaine Patton, "Diurnal Temperature Variations in the Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere"

Darrell L. Lucas, "A Study of the Mesoscale Squall Lines of 30 May 1967"

Ernest E. Recker, "Evidence of Short Vertical Wave Length Disturbances in the Equatorial Stratosphere"


Wilbur H. Clark, "An Analysis of Mesoscale Disturbances in the Western Pacific"


Henry A. Adams, "The Application of Empirical Orthogonal Functions to Meteorological Fields in the Tropical Western Pacific"

Robert L. Catherman, "On the Role of Convection in the Precipitation Characteristics of the Tropical Western Pacific"

Lihsiung Aron Chang, "An Analysis of Cloud Brightness Associated with Wave Disturbances in the Tropics"


Roland F. Tadd, "Further Analysis of the Diurnal and Semidiurnal Wind Fields: Surface to 30 Kilometers"


Russell A. Ambroziak, "An Attempt to Derive the 200-mb Wind Field From Digitized Cloud Brightness Data"


James Woessner, "Determination of the Systematic Bias and Variability of the Error of the National Meteorological Canter's Six-layer Baroclinic Model"

David S. Gutzler, "Teleconnections in the Geopotential Height Field Over the Northern Hemisphere During Winter"


Fong-Chiau Chang, "Drought Episodes and Teleconnections in the Geopotential Height Field During the Northern Hemisphere Summer"


Eric L. Fleming, "Climatological Mean Difference of the Global Circulation Between Spring and Autumn"


Catherine Smith, "Singular Value Decomposition as a Statistical Technique in the Study of the Low Frequency Relationship Between the Atmosphere and Ocean"


David W. J. Thompson, "Detection of the Signature of Volcanic Eruptions in Dynamically Filtered Surface Air Temperature Observations"


Mary Fishel (Lorenz), "A Comparison of Statistical Methods Used To Predict U.S. Temperatures from Sea Surface Temperatures"


David Erickson, "The Optical Properties of Sea Ice: Temperature, Salinity and Wavelength Dependence"

Ioana Dima, "Annular Structures In Low-Latitude Wind and Temperature Variability"

Brian Polansky, "Reconstructing 500-hPA Height Fields Over the Northern Hemisphere"


Gregory Ostermeier, "Interdecadal trends in the Northern Atlantic Oscillation and Northern Hemisphere Annular Mode During the 20th Century"

Justin J. Wettstein, "Aphysically Consistent Long-Term Reconstruction Of the Northern Annular Mode Using Tree Rings"


Joseph Casola, "Identifying Weather Regimes in the North Pacific 500-hPa Field Using a Limited Contour Clustering Technique"


Katrina Virts, “Cirrus in the tropical tropopause transition layer: Formation mechanisms and influence of the local and planetary-scale environment”

Brian Smoliak, "A Eurasian Pattern of Northern Hemisphere Wintertime Sea Level Pressure Variability"

Other student collaborators, postdocs, and visitors     ( )

C.-P. Chang

Elena Yulaeva

Joel Norris

Daniel Vimont

Ángel F. Adames

Tsubasa Kohyama

Cecilia Peralta Ferriz

Yochanan Kushnir

Bin Yu

Gabriele C. Hegerl

Joellen Russell

Zhifang Fang

Naoto Iwasaka

Yoichi Tanimoto

Masayo Ogi

Ravi Shukla

Qinghua Ding

Panos Athanasiadis

Mingbao Feng

Xianyao Chen

Zhaohua Wu

Joy Merwin Monteiro

Vimal Mishra