Currently, at University of Washington:
69 °F  ~  winds 5 mph, NW  ~  relative humidity 61%  ~  pressure 1015.12 mb
 ~  24 hr. precipitation 0 in.  ~  last report 08/24/2019 05:22 pm

Welcome to my page

I am a graduate student in the department of Atmospheric Sciences at the
Universtiy of Washington.

I work with Dr. Lynn McMurdie and Dr. Angela Rowe as part of the mesoscale group. My research interests broadly encompass properties of precipitating clouds from a synoptic to a microphysics scale. Currently, I am working to understand the role of topography on the structure and life cycle of ice crystals within maritime storm clouds encountering a coastal mountain range.


Some of the things I'm currently working on


Olympic Mountains Experiment. A field campaign set in the Olympic Mounatin range of Washington state during the 2015-16 winter designed to study the effects of Pacific storms encountering a coastal mounatin range. My interest in this project is on understanding an enhancement process identified by radar above the melting layer.

Seattle, WA Extremes

How are Seattle's extreme temperatures changing? ( come)

Publications and Presentations

Some of my previous work

Evaluation of extremes in Alaska

A look at the synoptic scale patterns that are often associated with the extreme temperature and precipiation events at 5 locations in the state of Alaska. International Journal of Climatology

Climate model application

Some considerations in application of climate model output, particularly in high latitude regions. (In preparation for journal submission)


University of Nevada, Reno

Bachelor of Science
Atmospheric Sciences

University of Washington

Atmospheric Sciences

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