Scaled map
Discussion of the scaling of the map by Harry Stern, 6 Oct, 2005.

First I drew the Arctic map using a polar stereographic projection.
Then I drew the US map (orthographic projection with equal scaling
in X and Y directions) and adjusted the overall size until it was right.
By "right" I mean that one degree of latitude on the Arctic map
is the same number of centimeters as one degree of latitude on the
US map.  Colorado is exactly 4 degrees of latitude north-to-south,
so that was my standard for the US map.  On the Arctic map I used the
distance from the pole to 80N.  I got it pretty close by eye, then
I printed a hard copy and measured with a ruler and made a final
adjustment to the size.  Neither projection is equal-area and the
scale actually changes in both projections as you move from the
middle to the edges, but not by much.