Bloomingdale Elementary School Antarctic Project


Bloomingdale Elementary School is located in the northern Adirondack Park town of Bloomingdale, NY.

The students at Bloomingdale are involved in a number of Antarctic projects this winter. They are comparing the weather in Bloomingdale with the weather at the French-Italian Dome Concordia station, sending questions to researchers at the Concordia, and following the travels of their school penguin Waddles who is on her 6th Antarctic expedition.. Visit our links below to see how this project unfolds!

Waddles says:                                                                      Catching up on the news from a friend    

See the photos of my McMurdo walks 

Meet my Dome-C friends

See my snow home and snow friends

Here are the machines I like

Christmas last season

Rich says:

Read our reports and emails to students



13 December 2004