Low-Latitude Cloud Feedbacks Climate Process Team

Third Annual Meeting, 29-30 Nov. 2005, GFDL




Tuesday 29 Nov.


0830-0900    Bretherton                 Introduction, achievements so far, renewal proposal


Theme 1: Global high-resolution modeling


0900-0930    Wyant                       Cess climate sensitivity of superparameterized CAM3

0930-0950    Khairoutdinov            Can embedded LES help MMF simulate PBL cloud?

0950-1020    Discussion                 Best strategy for using MMF for climate sensitivity issues


1020-1040    Coffee break


Theme 2: Improved methods for global model diagnosis


1040-1100    Xu                             Statistical characteristics of boundary-layer cloud object types in the Pacific

1100-1130    Hannay                      CPT CAPT (GCM forecast-mode) simulations

1130-1200    Klein                         CAPT for looking at midlatitude storm track microphysics and CAPT vs. SCM for TOGA-COARE.

1200-1230    Meideiros                  Aquaplanet intercomparison initiative

1230-1300    Held                          TOA radiative balance vs. ‘stratiform-convective’ rain partitioning in idealized and global AM2 simulations.

1300-1400    Lunch


1400-1430    Discussion                 What mix of above strategies seems most promising?


Theme 3: Parameterization development


1430-1500    Pincus                       Results and prospects from column-generator approach

1500-1520    Bretherton                 Climate and climate sensitivity of UW PBL/shallow Cu schemes in CAM3

1520-1540    Zhao                         UW shallow Cu in AM2 – preliminary results/quirks


1540-1600    Coffee break


1600-1620    Lappen                     ADHOC2 and SCAM3 comparison with other schemes

1620-1640    Donner                      Moist physics parameterization developments at GFDL

1640-1700    Donner                      CAM microphysics initiative and role for CPT



Wednesday, 30 November


0830-0900    Discussion                 Is the CPT facilitating parameterization development?         


Theme 4: Using single-column methodology to understand climate sensitivity


0900-0945    M. Zhang                  CPT SCM intercomparison project

0945-1005    Bretherton                 Climate sensitivity of subtropical Sc-topped mixed layers

1005-1025    Y. Zhang                   Climatology of a Sc mixed layer model forced with realistic synoptic variability over the NE Pacific.


1025-1045    Coffee break


1045-1115    Mapes                       Analysis of high time resolution output from AM and CAM

1115-1145    Discussion                 Optimal utilization of single-column frameworks


1215-1315    Lunch


1315-1430    Wrapup discussion led by advisory panel and guests

                     - Are CPT renewal goals on target?

                     - Which strategies to focus on?

                     - Which parameterizations to focus on?

                     - Better interfaces with observations?