ATM S 370, Winter 2018

Atmospheric Structure and Analysis

Professor Clifford F. Mass
612 Atmospheric Sciences Bldg., 685-0910
Professor Lynn McMurdie
526 Atmospheric Sciences Bldg., 685-9405

Course Goals:

    1.  Develop a basic understanding of the structure and evolution of synoptic systems such as fronts and cyclones.
    2.  Develop a better understanding of important dynamical concepts such as hydrostatics, thermal wind, and vorticity.
    3.  Develop some facility with basic tools of a synoptic meteorologist such as constant pressure charts, satellite data, and interactive analysis systems.
    4.  Develop insights into daily weather situations and weather forecasting.

Course Outline (click to view)

Class TimesMW, 1:30-4:20 PM; F 1:30-3:20 PM, 610 ATG. Generally: first hour lecture, second and third hours map discussion and lab. 

Office Hours:  Drop in or by appointment.  If we are not busy with someone else, you can stop in.

Textbook:  Portions of Atmospheric Sciences: An Introductory Survey, by J.M. Wallace and P.V. Hobbs (Academic Press, 2006), COMET METED online modules, and supplementary handouts.

Grading:  Two midterm exams 30%; laboratory work 25%;  homework 15%, final exam 30%.

Final Exam:  Monday, March 12, 2018, 230-420 pm, ATG 610

Equipment:  3 #2 pencils (NO MECHANICAL PENCILS); red, blue, green and purple colored pencils;  big eraser, ruler

370 Lab Website:

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