Help Support University of Washington Weather Modeling, Local Weather Prediction Research, and Undergraduate Research Scholarships

My group is working on improving weather prediction by pushing the envelope of high-resolution numerical prediction.  We are also applying these technologies towards understanding the local implications of global warming.

Although my group gets some grant support, it generally does not support the most innovative work, including testing new ideas that are unproven or out of the mainstream.  It also does not provide funds for helping me hire undergraduates to assist in research, something that not only can help them afford college, but can change the direction of their lives.

You can greatly help my group's efforts by contributing to the Cliff Mass Weather Research Fund, which is a tax-deductible fund at the University of Washington. You can get to that fund by clicking on the link or going to:

High-resolution temperature forecast

Here are some recent examples of contributions in action:

1.  A local foundation gave funds to hire an undergraduate to complete a comprehensive climatology of winds around the proposed coal terminal near Bellingham.
2.  Contributions were used to send one of my students to a research conference.
3.  Funds were used to replace some defection hard disks on our local weather prediction system.