ATMS301: Introduction to Atmospheric Sciences
Instructor: Prof. Gregory Hakim (685.2439) (www)

Department of Atmospheric Sciences; University of Washington

This course provides a broad introduction to the atmospheric sciences,
including atmospheric composition, weather forecasting, radiation,
thermodynamics, and climate.  Insight on these topics is gained by
application of basic physical laws. A daily review of current weather
provides real-time examples of principles derived in lecture.
Prerequisites: MATH 126; PHYS 123.
First Annual Atmos Sci All-Student Social
Class meets: M-F 9:30-10:20 pm in ATG 310C. (No Class: 4,5,6 October; 11 November; 24-25 November)

Text: Atmospheric Science. An Introductory Survey, Second Edition, by J. M Wallace and P. V. Hobbs.

Assigned reading


Class handouts.

Homework # 8

Observed cyclone evolution.

Houze cloud atlas.

Information on majoring (and minoring) in Atmospheric Sciences.

Weather links| US Min Temp | US Max Temp | US Precip |

WA terrain elevation | WA climatological precipitation | WA ecozones

Thermodynamics work

Java applet for chaos demonstration.

Wet bulb calulator

Bad Coriolis

Coriolis movie