Greg Hakim
Department of Atmospheric Sciences
College of the Environment
University of Washington

My group works on research problems in: paleoclimate, decadal prediction, atmosphere-ocean dynamics, weather forecasting, and data assimilation. To learn more about our activities, use the navigation tabs on the top and left side of the page, or send me email.

Weather: A Concise Introduction is now available!

July 2018: The Last Millennium Reanalysis (LMR) version 2 climate grids are released to the public! These data are also available from NOAA/NCEI. Source code is open to the public on Github.

PAGES Magazine article on the importance of open standards for paleoclimate data

New Eos article on the Second Annual Workshop of the Last Millennium Reanalysis Project.

Holton and Hakim, 5th Edition (Errata) (Matlab scripts)

Some resources:

Paleoclimate: NOAA; PAGES; paper on the Last Millennium Reanalysis (LMR) project

Astrobiology: University of Washington and NASA

National Academy of Sciences: On Being a Scientist;   Booklet on Climate Change

Information on our observing network design project for Antarctica (high resolution).

UCAR Members' Meeting Reports (2013,2012,2011,2010,2009,2008,2007,2006,2005,2004,2003)

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