Is MM5 Good Enough for Air-Quality Models?

Halstead Harrison, 1/30/04

The paper "Is MM5 ..?" , originally titled:
"A Comparison of MM5 winds with surface and RAWIN observations
in the Pacific Northwest: Is MM5 good enough for air-quality models?"
.. was submitted to, and after lengthy delays was rejected by, the 
Journal of the Atmospheric Environment.  I have elected not to 
revise and resubmit it, but to publish it here on the web.  Enjoy.

1.  "Is MM5 ..?", slightly revised, can be found at:  Is MM5 ..? 

2.  Two critical reviews can be found at:  Reviews 
3.  A reply can be found at:  Reply 

4.  You may also wish to look at: 
   "A comparison of modeled and measured air-tracer concentrations
    in the Puget Sound airshed during the summer of 2001."  AIRPACT  
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