Halstead Harrison: Recent Papers and Reports

15. "On estimating the global climate sensitivity coefficient
from lagged autocorrelatons of atmospheric temperatures"

14. "Information content of unevenly spaced multi-dimensional 
geophysical data: disposable degrees of freedom in satellite images."

13. "Atmospheric electric fields at the Kennedy Space Center, 1997-2005:
     no evidence for effects of global warming or modulation by galactic
     cosmic rays"  grl4b.pdf 

12. "ElectroCardioGraphic data presented as empirical orthogonal
     functions: a reconnaissance" ECG1.pdf

11. "Forest Fires, CO, and the Global Variance of Atmospheric CO2" co_co2.pdf

10. "Technical Comment on the paper 'Sexual Orientation-Related
     Differences in Prepulse Inhibition of the Human Startle Response"
     by Q. Rahman, V. Kumari, and G.D. Wilson" [12/15/03] rahman.pdf 

 9. "Some comparisons between MM5 forecasts and RAWIN Observations.  
    Is MM5 good enough for air-quality models?" 05/01/02mm5papr.pdf  
 8. "The AO, ENSO, and PDO indices, and their predictive power for 
    winter snow depths in the Pacific Northwest 12/05/01" mote.pdf 
 7. "Does the Earth Have an Adaptive Infrared Iris?"  
    [Comment on a paper by Richard S. Lindzen, Ming-Dah Chou, 
    and Arthur Y. Hou, B.A.M.S. v82#3. pp 417-431, 2001] iris.pdf 

 6. "Plume Rise from Gigawatt Fires: Observations and Models" plume3.pdf

 5. "Risk Analyses for Toxic-Waste Incineration: 
     Open letter to Carol Browner, Director, EPA."  browner.pdf

 4. "The Puget Sound O3 Storm of 1994" o3storm.pdf 

 3. "Comparison of modeled and measured air-tracer concentrations
    in the Puget Sound airshed during the summer of 2002 01/29/03"airpact.pdf     

 2. "Toxic-Weapons Incineration at Hermiston [Umatilla] Oregon:
    Risk analyses and air-quality modeling. 01/15/00"umatilla.pdf  

 1.  "Ozone synthesis and transport in the Pacific Northwest:
     Effects of biogenic emissions" o3study.pdf  

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