Atmospheric Sciences 301
Autumn 2014

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Updated: 10 November 2014*#

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Lecture Notes Supplemental
Reading & Info.
Example Problems
Unit 1 
Atmospheric Basics and Intro to Midlatitude Weather

Notes on atmospheric composition, weather observations & maps

Weather Symbols
Angela's 301 Cloud Notes
Sets 1, 2, 3
Unit 2 

Thermodynamics notes

W & H Secs. 3.1-3.6
Skew-T Description
Skew-T Practice
Set 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Unit 3
Clouds and Cloud Physics
Chap 1 of
Cloud Dynamics (1st Ed.) by
R. Houze

newCloud Microphysics
Sets 10, 10A
Unit 4 
Thunderstorm notes

W & H:  Sec. 8.3
newConvective Clouds & Thunderstorms
newSevere Thunderstorm Case

Unit 5

Dynamics notes

W & H Secs. 7.2-7.2.7
Forces: N. Hemisphere, S. Hemisphere
Sets 14, 15, 16, 17
Unit 6
Weather Prediction

Numerical prediction notes

W & H Secs. 7.3-7.3.5
Chap 1 of Chaos by James Gleick
Set 18
Unit 7
Radiation & Climate

Radiation & climate notes
IPCC Summary

W & H:  Secs. 4.1-4.4 Sets 11, 12, 13

Special topic

Pacific Northwest Weather

Northwest Weather notes

Special topic
Tropical Meteorology

Tropical meteorology notes

W & H: Sec. 8.4

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