Atmospheric Sciences 340
Professor R. A. Houze
Updated: 19 December 2017*#
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Part I: Basic Thermodynamics
Thermodynamics terms and conditions
Ideal Gas Law
Molecular weight
 Wallace and Hobbs pp 63-66
First Law
Joule's Law
Heat Capacity and Specific Heat
Internal Energy and Enthalpy

WH 72-75
Pressure-volume diagram for an ideal gas
Isothermal and adiabatic processes
WH 75-77
Cyclical and reversible processes
Carnot Cycle
WH 93-95
Part II: Atmospheric Thermodynamics
Composition of dry air
Partial Pressure
Dalton's Law
Apparent molecular weight
Ideal gas law for dry air
Houze's Thermodynamics Notes (pp 1-6)
Concept of an air parcel
Dry adiabatic lapse rate
WH 72, 76-77
Static stability of dry air
Gravity waves
Buoyancy and instability
WH 88-91
Potential temperature
WH 77-78
Introduction to atmospheric thermodynamic diagrams
WH 78-79
Clausius Clapeyron equation
Measures of water vapor in air
Ideal gas equation for pure water vapor and for moist air
Virtual temperature
WH 80, 97-99
Saturation vapor pressure and saturation mixing ratio
Relative humidity, dew point, and lifting condensation level (LCL)
Moist adiababatic processes
First law for saturated parcel displacements
WH 80-85
Moist adiabatic lapse rate
Adiabatic liquid water content
Equivalent potential temperature
WH 85-86
Wet bulb temperature
Wet-bulb potential temperature
Equivalent potential temperature
WH 83-84, 86-87
Conditional and potential instability
Level of free convection (LFC)
Convective available potential energy (CAPE)
Convective inhibition (CIN)
WH 88-93, 344-347
Example Soundings
Part III: Cloud Physics
Cloud nomenclature
Cloud formation processes
Cloud Physics Notes
Cloud Nomenclature
Second Law of Thermodynamics
Carnot's Theorems

WH 95-97, 100-101
Homogenous nucleation of cloud droplets
Kelvin's equation
WH 209-212
Heterogeneous nucleation of cloud droplets
Koehler curves
CN and CNN
WH 212-215
Growth of cloud droplets by condensation
WH 221-224
Growth of cloud drops to raindrops by coalescence
WH 224-230
Ice particle nucleation
Ice enhancement
WH 223-228
Growth of ice particles by vapor deposition
Ice particle habits
WH 228-241
Riming and aggregation
WH 241-245
Cloud electrification and lightning
WH 252-259

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