James E Tillman's collaboration
with the Finnish Meteorological Institute

Professor James E Tillman has collaborated with the Finnish meteorological Institute (FMI) on the Martian atmospheric research since 1988. The cooperation has focused on the planetary boundary layer research and instrumentation. His huge experience of the Viking Lander Mission has been an indispensable help for FMI. That was in particular the case in the Mars-96 Small Station Mission, where FMI had the responsibility to develop the Command and Data Management unit (CDMS) and the meteorological package of the Small Stations.

Tillman's contribution to the NetLander proposal was most valuable. The NetLander Mission was proposed to ESA as a response to the Mars Express Mission AO. The proposal activity was managed by FMI with viable contributions from CNES (France), DLR (Germany), ASI (Italy) and research laboratories and industrial companies from various countries. He is a Co-Investigator and science team member of the ATMIS instrument onboard the NetLander. During the proposal activity his Viking and Pathfinder experience helped keep us on the right track in the areas of, e.g.,

Tillman's contribution to the FMI's investigations on Martian atmosphere has been highly rewarding. Scientific, as well as technological collaboration of FMI and Prof. Tillman has been so successful owing to his unique involvement in and knowledge of the meteorological investigations carried out on the surface of Mars

The collaboration of Professor Tillman and FMI has involved using the modern telecommunication tools, his visits to FMI, and FMI members to the University of Washington. FMI has covered his expenses on trips to FMI. We are delighted with the possibility to continue our collaboration with Professor Tillman and are planning to continue the cooperation in the field of Martian atmospheric science.

Helsinki, 14 April, 1998. Ari-Matti's signature
  Ari-Matti Harri
  Head of the Mars Exploration Group
  Finnish Meteorological Institute