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J. E. Tillman;
"Viking Meteorology - Climate Consortium"' Consortium to preserve and expand Viking data and knowledge, including past and current technology and lessons learned. Presentation as a delegate to IMEWG, International Mars Exploration Working Group, Cape Kennedy, June 22-23, 2003.

J. E. Tillman;
Sixth International Conference on Mars, Pasadena, CA, July 20-25, 2003.

S.E.Larsen, H.E. Jørgensen, L., Landberg and J.E.Tillman;
Aspects of the atmospheric surface layers on Mars and Earth. Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 105; 451-470, 2002.

J. Polkko, A.-M. Harri, S. Calcutt, D. Crisp, S. Larsen, J.-P. Pommereau, A. Lehto, J. E. Tillman, T. Siili and the NetLander ATMIS team; Atmospherical and Meteorological Instrumentation System for the Netlanders, Scientific Objectives and Technical Implementations. Second NETLANDER Scientific Symposium, Nantes, France April 2-4, 2001

T. Siili, and J. E. Tillman
Martian Atmospere Chapter , pp 201-215, in "Towards Mars"; R. Pellinen, P. Raudsepp, Eds., 410 pages, Nov. 2000, Oy Raud Ltd., Helsinki, Finland.

Tillman, J.E., A.-M. Harri and S E Larsen, "Martian Climate Variability: Multi-Year, In-Situ Observation and Requirements." Session on seasonal changes, water, dust and Carbon Dioxide, The Fifth International Conference on Mars, Pasadena, California, July 18-23, 1999

Harri, A.-M., Siili, T., Angrilli, A., Calcutt, S., Crisp, D., Larsen, S., Polkko,J., Pommereau, J.-P., Malique, C., and Tillman, J.E.
Atmospheric Science Experiment for Mars-ATMIS for the Netlander 2005 Mission. Session on Instruments and Missions. Abstract 6074, The Fifth International Conference on Mars, Pasadena, California, July 18-23, 1999

A.-M. Harri 1 , O. Marsal 2 , P. Lognonne 3 , G.W. Leppelmeier 1 , T. Spohn 22 , K.-H. Glassmeier 4 , F. Angrilli 5 , W.B.Banerdt 6 , J.P. Barriot 7 , J.-L. Bertaux 8 , J.J. Berthelier 9 , S. Calcutt 10 , J.C. Cerisier 9 , D. Crisp 6 , V. Dehant 11 , D. Giardini 13 , R. Jaumann 15 , Y. Langevin 17 , M. Menvielle 9 , G. Musmann 4 , J.P. Pommereau 8 , S. Di Pippo 12 , D. Guerrier 14 , K. Kumpulainen 16 , S. Larsen 18 , A. Mocquet 23 , J. Polkko 1 , J.Runavot 2 , W. Schumacher 19 , T. Siili 1 , J. Simola 20 , J. E. Tillman 21 and the NetLander Team.
``Network Science Landers For Mars'', Adv. Space Res., Vol 23/11, pp. 1915-24, 1999.

Larsen, Soeren E., Hans E Jorgensen, John T Schofield, David Crisp, Greg Wilson, Jim R Murphy, Al Seiff and Jim E Tillman; Composition of the Turbulent Temperature Structure of the Atmospheric Surface Layers of Mars and Earth from Pathfinder Data. AGU fall meeting at MPII session, San Francisco, 8-14 Dec. Eos, Supplement Transactions, AGU Vol 79, number 45, F 549, 1998.

Jorgensen, H.E., L.Landberg, S.E.Larsen, J.R.Murphy, J.E.Tillman, G.R.Wilson. Turbulence moments and spectra in the Marian surface layer. EGS Nice meeting, Abstract: Annales Geophysicae, Supplement III to Vol 16, C 1048, 1998.

J. E. Tillman, Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle, WA., USA ; Ari-Matti Harri, Finnish Meteorology Institute, Dept. of Geophysics, Helsinki, Finland; Søren E. Larsen, (Meteorology Dept., Risøe;, Danish National Laboratory, Roskilde, Denmark. Martian Climate Variability: Multi-Year, In-Situ Observation & Requirements, NetLander Mission Conference, Paris, France, Nov 18, 1998.

Tillman, James E.; Behind the Scenes at Mars Pathfinder Mission Operations. NASA Information Infrastructure Technology and Applications (IITA) Program, High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC), August 1997.

Moore, Henry J., James E. Tillman and George F. LeCompte; Viking Landers and the Surface of Mars: K-12 exercises. Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, March 17-22, 1997.

P. Guttorp and D. B. Percival, and J. E. Tillman; Invited Paper, Statistics from Mars: some analysis of Viking pressure data. Pacific Northwest Statistics Meeting, Institute for Mathematical Statistics, UBC, Vancouver, November 1995.

P. Guttorp and D. B. Percival, and J. E. Tillman; Invited Paper, Detection of closely spaced periodicities in atmospheric oscillations on Mars. Joint Statistical Meetings, American statistical Association, Orlando, Fla. August 1995.

Tillman, James E. Mars Engineering and Science based Education Programs: Viking, Pathfinder and Surveyor. Special program featuring Tillman, Dr. Meredith Olson, Seattle Country Day School and Robert A. Kolvoord, Univ. Arizona, videotaped for other universities in the NASA JPL University Pathfinder Collaborative Education program. NASA JPL 2 August, 1994.

Tillman, James E. and James M. Wilczak, NOAA Wave Propagation Laboratory: the Relation for Mixed and Free Convection and The Effects of Moisture. Marine Boundary Layers Workshop, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, 24--29 July, 1994.

Tillman, James E., Adam P. Bruckner and George D. Nelson Mars Pathfinder Education Proposal NASA Cooperative Agreement Notice Public Use of Earth and Space Science Data Over the Internet. Mars Pathfinder Project Science Group Second Meeting, JPL June 9--10, 1994. (Tillman member of Project Science Group)

Tillman, James E. and Moti Segal. Mesoscale and planetary boundary layer meteorological conditions for Pathfinder site selection. Mars Pathfinder Project Science Group Second Meeting, JPL June 9--10, 1994.

James E. Tillman, Donald R. Sandstrom, Boeing Company, Soren E. Larsen and Lars Landberg, Dept. of Meteorology and Wind Energy, Riso Danish National Laboratory, Moti Segal Department of Agronomy, Iowa State University. Martian Planetary Boundary Layer/Climatology Station: Mars Surveyor -- Science Objectives/Measurement Requirements Workshop, Eds. D.J.McCleese et al., J.P.L. Technical Report No. D 12017, JPL, May 11,12 1994

Tillman, James E. Mars Meteorology: Science, Instruments, Systems Developments and Reccommendations for Pathfinder. First Atmosoheric Structures/Meteorology meeting of the Pathfinder 1996 Mars mission, JPL 28 Feb, 1 Mar. 1994

P Guttorp, D. B. Percival,, J. E. Tillman Detection of closely spaced periodicities in the atmospheric oscillation on Mars, Int. Conf. on Applications of TIME SERIES analyses in ASTRONOMY and METEOROLOGY, UNiversitia di Padova, Italy, Sept 1993.

Tillman, J. E., D.B. Percival, App. Phys. Lab. and Dept. of Statistics, Martian Kelvin Modes and Great Dust Storms: High Resolution Spectral Analysis Of Non-Stationary Atmospheric Pressure Variations. Eur. Geophys Soc, Weisbaden, May 1993.

Tillman, J. E. and J. M. Wilczak (Wave Propagation Laboratory/NOAA, Boulder Colo., 80303, USA) The Relation for Mixed and Free Convection and the Effects of Moisture , Eur. Geophys Soc, Weisbaden, May 1993.

Tillman, James E., In-situ meteorological sensors and system for MESUR" Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Mars Environmental Survey mission Science Definition Team, Nov 6, 1992.

Tillman, J.E., L. Landberg and S.E. Larsen "Turbulent spectra, fluxes, stability and growth of the mixed layer in the boundary layer of Mars." Workshop on the Martian Surface and Atmosphere Through Time, MSATT 1991, Boulder, CO, September 23-25, 1991. (Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, Texas, 143-147, 1992. )

D Crisp, (JPL) W. J. Kaiser, (JPL) T. W. Kenny, (JPL) T. R. VanZandt, (JPL) J. E. Tillman (Univ. Washington); "Micro Weather Stations for In Situ Measurements in the Martian Planetary Boundary Layer." Workshop on the Martian Surface and Atmosphere Through Time, MSATT 1991, Boulder, CO, September 23-25, 1991. (Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, Texas, 143-147, 1992. )


Papers presented at professional meetings, 1989-1990 only

Tillman, James E. and Neal C. Johnson, Atmospheric Surface Layer Meteorological Observations: Science and Instrumental Requirements for Martian Meteorological Stations, Paper for Committee for Space Research meeting, Sopron, Hungary Jan 1990

Tillman, James E. and Neal C. Johnson Mars: Viking Lander 2 Winds for USSR 1994 Mission Balloon studies, . , International MARS Environment Working Group, Palais des Congre s, Paris, France, Oct 1989.

Tillman, James E, Wilczak, J. and Richmond, K.: The indirect determination of stability, heat and momentum fluxes from temperature statistics in the unstable planetary boundary layer, 12 pp figures. Workshop on Measurement and Parameterization of Land--Surface Evaporation Fluxes" sponsored by Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (France), Commission of European Communities, Etablissment d'Etudes et de Recherches Meteorologiques (France), European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecast, Institute National de Recherches Agronomiques (France), National Aeronautics ans Space Administration (USA), National Center for Atmospheric Research (USA), World Climate Research Program; Banyuls Sur Mer, France, Oct 10--21, 1988.


Tillman, James E.
The Viking Mission to Mars:
Keynote Address and report in Prime Computer Users Group National Meeting Orlando, Fla. 1984