Memorandum of Understanding

This memorandum of understanding formalizes the interface between Live From Earth and Mars - Science, Technology, Education Partnerships, LFEM - STEP, program of James E. Tillman, Research Professor, University of Washington and Ari-Matti Harri, Leader of the Mars Meteorological Network, MetNet, ATMIS Investigation Program of the Finnish Meteorological Institute, regarding FMI's MetNet development program aiming at the deployment of a small network of Meteorology Stations on Mars. Sub-orbital tests launches of this ongoing program are likely to begin in 2003-2004, followed by science precursor missions to Mars of a few landers, including the Viking Lander 1 and 2 sites.

In conjunction with institutional, corporate, public and private collaboration and support for this Educational program, Tillman and LFEM - STEP Partners will:

In conjunction with the Mars MetNet program, Ari-Matti Harri will provide, within the available resources:

Signed______________, Date _______________   Signed_____________, Date _______________
Ari-Matti Harri   James E. Tillman
Finnish Meteorology Institute   University of Washington
Helsinki, Finland   Seattle Washington

Jim Tillman