Educational Youtube Videos


In 2009, the Outreach group began a new endeavor to create short, quirky, educational videos about scientific concepts. These concepts are illustrated through demos and humorous story lines. Here you can find our slowly growing list of creations, or check out our Youtube channel here.

El Niño and the Case of the Missing Sardines - Episode 1, released May 2016. This video is the first in our 4 part film noir explaining El Niño:

The Coriolis Effect Part 1, released Mar. 2016. This video is geared towards an audience unfamiliar with the Coriolis Effect:

The Coriolis Effect Part 2: An Investigative Report, released Mar. 2016. This video stars KING5 Meteorologist (and UW Atmos alum!) Jeff Renner and our very own Professor Dale Durran. It is geared towards an audience that has been exposed to the Coriolis Effect:

Save the Coal, our latest video, released May 2013. This video was submitted as part of the Connect4Climate iChange Video Competition:

Latent Heat, released Mar. 2013. This video was made in collaboration with Drs. Dale Durran and Dargan Frierson, professors in our department. The link to the online supplement for their article can be found here:

Ocean Acidification, released Oct. 2012:

Convection Vs. Conduction, released Nov. 2011:

Cloud-in-a-bottle!, released Sept. 2011:

Our first video, Can-crushing, released Jan. 2010: