Planetary Boundary Layer  &  Remote Sensing Group

at the University of Washington

Atmospheric Sciences Department


         The PBL Group activities at UW


           Professor Brown's Introduction, State-of-the-Art, and links


        Jerome Patoux's Home page


        Background Review of  the Univ. of Washington PBL Model

AMS 75th Anniversary address at BLT meeting- History and Current State by R. A. Brown
QuikScat Data
Surface winds from QuikScat

The PBL Models

PBL-LIB direct model (surface pressure in, winds out):  source code and sample files

PBL-Lib inverse model (surface winds in, pressures out): source code and sample files

The direct Pressure Model Function. Discussion and samples. Link to SeaWinds surface pressure fields

A Package of 3 programs for ftp by Jerome Patoux:

    Go to PBL_Group_Homepage (above),  then to Planetary Boundary Layer Modeling,
then to       UWPBL,version3

Manuscripts by faculty and students in the group

A list of available data at UW for Atmospheric Science users

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