Bob Brown
From Burbank, Burroughs, Berkeley, Bellevue and Seattle

     I went from Burroughs to Berkeley ('53-'57); to Germany with ROTC 2-year assignment;
  married Berkeley girlfriend in '57; back to  Berkeley ('59-'63); to Seattle ('63-'70); to Boulder, CO.
 (a Natl. Center for Atmospheric  Research Fellow, '70-'71); back to Seattle to present.
     I bike to work in the rain (Univ. Wash., for 30-years) where I am a theoretical
  geophysicalfluiddynamacist (yes, it's one word),  a professor, a tennis player, skier, mountain
  climber (retired), traveler (from North pole to Nepal, Cle Elum to China, Japan, Chile, Patagonia,
  Russia, Enumclaw, India, Australia, Kenya, So. Africa, Bali...) -- It's part of the job.
          No sign of retirement until 2005. Home base is in Seattle, where 2 daughters live, son is retired
  living in Sun Valley with our 2 g-kids.

 Bob's Wife Marcia, (1957)

                                                                                                                                                                                       Travels --- 2000-2002

                                                                Macchu Pecchu
                 in Nepal                Annapurna Range

A swim above the
Ngorogoro Crater 

Just another lion in Kenya