Robert Jnglin Wills

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Washington
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Oldenburg D., R.C.J. Wills, K.C. Armour, and L. Thompson: Mechanisms of low-frequency variability in Atlantic northward ocean heat transport and AMOC. In review at Journal of Climate.

Rae, J.W.B., W.R Gray, R.C.J. Wills, I. Eisenman, B. Fitzhugh, E.F.M. Littley, P. Rafter, R. Rees-Owen, A. Ridgwell, B. Taylor, and A. Burke: Overturning circulation, nutrient limitation, and warming in the glacial North Pacific. In review at Science Advances.

Årthun, M., R.C.J. Wills, H. Johnson, L. Chafik, and H.R. Langehaug: Mechanisms of decadal North Atlantic climate variability and implications for the recent cold anomaly. In review at Journal of Climate.

Nilsson, J., D. Ferreira, T. Schneider, and R.C.J. Wills: Is the surface salinity difference between the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific a signature of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation? In review at Journal of Physical Oceanography.


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Wills, R.C., X.J. Levine, and T. Schneider, 2017: Local energetic constraints on Walker circulation strength. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 74, 1907–1922. [PDF] [Official version]              Corrigendum. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 76, 3965. [Corrigendum]


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Ph.D. Thesis

Wills, R.C., 2016: Stationary eddies and zonal variations of the global hydrological cycle in a changing climate. Ph.D. Thesis, California Institute of Technology. [PDF]

Other Publications

Wills, R.C.J., S. Sippel, and E. A. Barnes, 2020: Separating forced and unforced components of climate change: The utility of pattern recognition methods in large ensembles and observations. US CLIVAR Variations, 18.2, 1–10. [PDF] [Official version]

Wills, R.C., November 2014: The world is certainly warming. What about where I live? [ClimateSnack]

Schneider, T. and R.C. Wills, February 2013: An L.A. weather report in 2100 A.D. [Zocolo Public Square]

Wills, R.C., January 2013: A rockslide in action: An arch falls into the sea. [Personal Blog] [AGU Landslide Blog] [SFGate] [Huffpost] [Patch]