Fall Quarter 2006
ATMS 431
Atmospheric Physics: Boundary layer

General Information

Lectures: MTWThF 11.30-12.20, Room 610
Instructor: Prof. Robert Wood

Office Hours: MWF 12:20-1:30 or appointments arranged in class or via e-mail
(E-mail: robwood@atmos.washington.edu, Rm 713)

Tools: Introduction to Micrometeorology by S. Pal Arya, Academic Press
Grading: Homework 30%, quizes (2) 20%, midterm 25%, final exam 25%


Homework assignments


Week 1 : Energy budget near the surface [PDF]

Week 2 : Soil temperature and air temperature/humidity [PDF]

Week 3 : Winds in the boundary layer and viscous flows [PDF]

Week 4 : Turbulence [PDF]

Midterm example questions : Midterm examples [PDF]

Important equations to remember: Important equations [PDF]


Other resources

Powerpoint slides

National Diurnal Climatology

Map of mean diurnal temperature range in the US

Volume Imaging Lidar (VIL) movies at the University of Wisconsin