Statistical Downscaling for the Pacific Northwest

2040 Precip

Results for IPCC Fourth Assessment global climate model simulations

The Climate Impacts Group has analyzed the climate response for the Pacific Northwest simulated by several climate models. These simulations were prepared by climate modeling centers worldwide for the Fourth IPCC Assessement. For consistency with prior work, we include the current versions of models used previously: Hadcm3, Echam5, CCSM3, and PCM1 (CCSM3 is the successor to both the NCAR CSM and DOE PCM). To these we added 5 additional models to better represent the range of models participating in AR4. These are: CNRM_CM3, CSIRO_MK3 Miroc_3.2, IPSL_CM4, CGCM_3.1, and GISS_ER. Summary statistics for these models are provided in the link at the right.

From these, we have selected

These models have been downscaled to daily 1/8-degree data for the Pacific Northwest. Data coverage is indicated by the map at right, which shows the downscaled distribution of precipitation for the 2040s.

Daily and monthly-mean data may be downloaded here.


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