OXFLUX is the project title of the European Commission Marie Skłodowska Curie 3-year Global Fellowship awarded to Siegfried Schobesberger, postdoc at the Thornton group. It provided funding from March to September, 2016.
The main idea behind OXFLUX was to combine fast measurements using our CI-HR-TOFMS with eddy covariance analysis to retrieve the turbulent fluxes of the oxygenated organic traces gases that the instrument can detect at high sensitivity. These products from the atmospheric oxidation of organic vapors, emitted primarily by trees, interact with atmospheric aerosol particles, and as a consequence have critical affects on the properties of clouds (e.g. their lifetime) that form on those particles, and hence on climate. By measuring the concentrations and fluxes of these compounds, we can investigate their life cycle, from sources (e.g. chemical production) to sinks (e.g. desposition on plant leafs).
Siegfried used data from the BAECC campaign, when the CI-HR-TOFMS was deployed in the boreal forest in Finland, and deployed the instrument on the G-1 aircraft for the HI-SCALE campaign, for flights over the Southern Great Plains in Oklahoma. From HI-SCALE, he also contributed blog posts from the campaign.